Consejos para composición

  • Las direcciones de las páginas web y las de correo se convierten en enlaces automáticamente.
  • Las líneas y los párrafos se reconocen automáticamente. Las etiquetas <br /> para el salto de línea y <p> y </p> para abrir y cerrar el párrafo se insertan automáticamente. Si los párrafos no se reconocen, simplemente añada unas cuantas líneas vacías.
  • Flash Filter

    The basic syntax for embedding a flash file (.swf), flash movie (.flv) or audio file (.mp3) is:


    If you would like to override SWF Tools and flash player default settings, you can specify additional parameters. For example:

    Flash Filter will accept following parameters:
    • params : You can specify values for output inside <param> tags with the <embed> html. Typical values are bgcolor and wmode. Example: params="wmode=true&&bgcolor=#00FF00"
    • flashvars : You can specify values for output as flashvars, which become available to the flash player. Refer to the documentation of the flash player you are using to know what flashvar options are available. Example: flashvars="autostart=true&&volume=80"
    • files : Optional list of files to be passed, you'll normally define files relative to your Drupal files directory. Example: files="name1=image.jpg&&name2=movie.flv"
    • methods : Optional information about how to display the file. The most common usage is to specify a particular media player and thus override the settings page. Example: methods="player=onepixelout_mp3"

    WARNING: with params, flashvars and othervars, pass multiple values separated by &&.

  • Video Filter

    You may insert videos from popular video sites by using a simple tag [video:URL].


    • Single video:
    • Random video out of multiple:
    • Override default autoplay setting: [video: autoplay:1]
    • Override default width and height:
      [video: width:X height:Y]
    • Align the video:
      [video: align:right]

    Supported sites: YouTube, Google Video, Tangle, DailyMotion, Eyespot, Revver, Vimeo, Flickr Slideshows, Flickr Video, Game Videos, Meta Cafe, Game Trailers, College Humor, MySpace, Capped,, Slideshare, Picasa Slideshows.

    Special instructions:

    Some codecs need special input. You'll find those instructions here.
    • Slideshare:
      You need to construct your own URL, using the "Wordpress Embed" code from Slideshare, extract the "id" and "doc" parts, and form the URL like this:
    • Picasa Slideshows:
      You must use the URL of the RSS feed for the Picasa album:
      1. View the album in Picasa (you should see thumbnails, not a slideshow).
      2. Find the "RSS" link and click it.
      3. Copy the resulting URL from the browser address bar. Example:
  • If you include a textual smiley in your post (see chart below), it will be replaced by a graphical smiley.
    0:-)0:-) O:-) :angel:
    :''(:''( :crying:
    >:)&gt;:) &gt;:-) :devil:
    B-)B-) B) :glasses:
    :*:* :-* :kiss:
    :(|):(|) :-(|) :monkey:
    :|:| :-| :neutral:
    :(:( :-( :sad:
    :):) :-) :smile:
    :D:D :-D :lol: :grin:
    :O:O :-O :shocked:
    ;);) ;-) :wink:
    :):) :-) :smile:
    ;);) ;-) :wink:
    :(:( :-( :sad:
    :D:D :-D :lol:
    }:)}:) }:-) :evil:
    :P:P :-P :tongue:
    :O:O :-O :shocked:
    :?:? :-? :puzzled:
    8)8) 8-) :cool:
    :sick::sick: :barf:
    w-(''u'')-ww-(''u'')-w m-(`´) :attention:
    (x_x)(x_x) ρ,==&gt; :shotgun:
    (・・)┐#┌(^^)(・・)┐#┌(^^) :give:
    ===(o_o)======(o_o)=== :read:
    (#゚Д゚)(#゚Д゚) (ò.ó) :threat:
    <`∀´>&lt;`∀´&gt; \\゚∀゚/ :dog:
    =^_^==^_^= (^・^) :cat:
    (v_v)(v_v) (@_@) :no:
    ~~~~>_<~~~~~~~~&gt;_&lt;~~~~ !_! (╥_─) :crying:
    ----<--{@----&lt;--{@ --&lt;--&lt;-@
    m(_#_)mm(_#_)m //(.^^) :respect:
    p(^o^)qp(^o^)q (¬_¬)/¯:nihao:
    ~~>/(*⌒▽⌒*)\\<~~~~&gt;/(*⌒▽⌒*)\\&lt;~~ :iloveyou2:
    (^^.)\\\\//(^^.)\\\\// \(^o^)/ щ(゚Д゚щ) :iloveyou:
    (^3^)(^3^) ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃ :hugandkiss:
    d(*⌒▽⌒*)bd(*⌒▽⌒*)b ┏(・o・)┛ :hellowoman:
    \\(^o^)/\\(^o^)/ └|∵|┘ \\,,/(^_^)\\,,/ :happy:
    d-(^_^)d-(^_^) └|∵|┐ :cordial:
  • Usted puede citar referencias directamente en textos con <bib>citekey</bib>. Ésto se reemplazará con un número correlativo (la referencia a la publicación) y la publicación referenciada por la clave de cita dentro de las marcas <bib> que se mostrarán al pie de página (la referencia).
  • Quoted content can be placed between [quote] tags in order to be displayed as an indented quote. Every [quote] tag must have a corresponding [/quote] tag. For example:

    [quote]This is a simple quote.[/quote]
    is displayed as:

    This is a simple quote.

    Additionally, there is an optional attribute which allows quotes to specify the original author.

    [quote=Mr. Drupal]This is a quote with an attribution line.[/quote]
    is displayed as:

    Mr. Drupal wrote:
    This is a quote with an attribution line.

    Finally, multiple [quote] tags can be nested within one another. Just remember that every [quote] tag must have a corresponding [/quote] tag.

    [quote]I think she says it best...
    [quote=Ms. Quotation]This is a quote nested within another quote.[/quote]
    but you can't argue with
    [quote=Ms. Reply]The more quotes, the merrier.
    Just don't get too carried away.[/quote]
    And I have nothing more to say.[/quote]
    is displayed as:

    I think she says it best...
    Ms. Quotation wrote:
    This is a quote nested within another quote.
    but you can't argue with
    Ms. Reply wrote:
    The more quotes, the merrier. Just don't get too carried away.
    And I have nothing more to say.
  • Flash node macros can be added to this post.